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Dengue sends 6 Bandra colony residents to hospital in 10 days

Dengue sends 6 Bandra colony residents to hospital in 10 days

According to residents of Bandra’s Government Colony, they have been writing to officials since 2012 about repairing the entrance of the building where water accumulates during monsoon

The residents of Government Colony in Bandra have been complaining to their ward office for the last two years, and finally the authorities at Public Works Department (PWD) and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) have started taking steps to get rid of the filth and groundwater that has been accumulating at the entrance of the building. Six residents of the colony were hospitalised with dengue fever in the past 10 days.

Bandra colony
Breeding ground: The 100-sq ft area at the entrance is covered with filth and accumulates water, increasing the number of water-borne diseases in the colony 

Juily Wankhade (17), Rupal Wankhade (11), Rajendra Gawde (37), Pranav Parab (17), Onkar Dhavle (21), Pallavi Kulkarni (20) from the Bandra east colony suffered from dengue in the last 10 days. While Pallavi and Onkar were soon discharged, the rest are currently being treated at Guru Nanak Hospital.

According to residents, they have been writing letters to authorities about repairing the 100 sq ft area at the entrance that is covered with filth and accumulates water during monsoons, increasing the number of water-borne diseases in the colony.

When mid-day contacted the Additional Municipal Commissioner, Sanjay Deshmukh, of H ward, he informed that the issue comes under PWD.

On Friday, PWD contractors were seen spreading mud on the standing water at the entrance and the next day, BMC officials visited the colony to carry out fogging operation.

Ranjit Kamble, the state minister of PWD said, “I received the complaint on Thursday and forwarded it to the authorities concerned. We have started the work and residents should now ensure that water doesn’t accumulate again.”


Speaking to mid-day, Dr Sheilja Singh from Guru Nanak Hospital, said, “I have come across many cases of dengue from Bandra east in the last one month. The main cause is the recent increase in redevelopment works in the area, where builders leave without clearing out the debris. If anyone is suffering from symptoms like headaches and fever, they should immediately get it checked by a doctor before their condition deteriorates. Right now, I have five patients being treated at ICU for dengue.”

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