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Parenting & Child Care

Parenting & Child Care

Parenting is the most challenging phase of life for which there is no formal training.In this world ,which is full of choices and information overload  from multiple sources ,it becomes more difficult for parents to decide what is best for their children.With increasing vaccine coverage and good nutrition along with improving hygiene standards ,the problems children are having are changing from what they were 10-15 years back.From malnutrition to obesity,from severe infections to allergies ,from shy kids to more aggressive kids and so on.

Pediatrician's role is not limited  only  to treat the children when they are sick but also to be a counselor to help parent choose from multiple options available starting from vaccines at birth.

For parents, its very important to understand that Health is not only Physical and Mental as they perceive. Health also includes Emotional ,Social And Spiritual components-which are completely missing in these generation of kids. Well baby visits which are when children come to doctor with parents when they are not sick ,are the most important visits to assess and understand the child 's growth,development, behavior and potential, and guide parents for issues which may not be obvious to them.

We need to understand that Free play ,Healthy fresh wholesome food and Family time along with Tender Loving Care when they are sick are equally important as their academics and achievements in multiple fields  and investigations and latest treatment strategies for their illness.

Child's HOLISTIC growth and development needs attention and its better parents wake up to this call now so that we have more healthy and happy citizens who are ready to achieve their potential and become contributing members of society.

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