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Abscess In The Foot

Abscess In The Foot

  • Category: Health
  • Date: 11-09-2019

Abscess is the collection of the pus as a result of bacterial infection. Though it can happen to anyone, diabetics are prone for abscesses because of their weakened immunity and high sugar which is a good medium for bacteria to grow.



Bacterial infection is the most common cause of abscess.



Redness, heat, swelling, pain and loss of function are the common symptoms.



  1. Skin abscess ( cutaneous or subcutaneous abscesses )
  2. Internal abscess



The standard treatment for abscess is Incision and drainage where the pus is to be evacuated before it leads to spread and septicemia.

Incision and drainage is a procedure where with all the aseptic precaution, the abscess is drained by making an incision over the skin. Anesthesia is required in most cases.


A course of antibiotics may be advised after a successful drainage. Repeated packing of the cavity may be necessary.


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